Backroad Motorcycle Adventures

Monthly Archives: August 2018

Today was my last normal day at the office. Today starts my new adventure of Backroad Motorcycle Adventures. I sure will miss the view from the office. Advertisements


I uploaded my first video to YouTube today. It was a video from the 2014 trip, which was a bit atypical as this was a trip to Portugal and Spain. Nice countries, and nice scenery. We had some problems communicating with the locals at the countryside as only very few could speak English. Normally we head East on our travels, but on this one, we wanted to hit the West most part… Read More

Last week, I quit my job. For a while, I haven’t been able to find any joy in my work, and having felt worn out. So I gave my notice. I had awesome colleagues and I only had the position for a very short time, so on one side, the decision was tough, and on the other it was easy. Tough because of the guys at work, and a super exciting workplace…. Read More